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DJI Phantom Quadcopter And GoPro Hero Actioncam

Quadcopters are taking over! Check out some of the newest models of FPV quads with GoPro cameras attached, and fly to new heights... affordably! More »

Thinking of Unlocking That Shiny New iPhone?

Unlocking an iPhone is an excellent measure for people who want to get all the functionality they can out of this mobile device. To unlock an iPhone is not the same as jail-breaking it, which is an important distinction to remember. More »

The New Beats by Dre Studio Headphones: Making Noise

If you value what goes on and into your ears (and you should), you will want to see what we think of the newly redesigned Studio headphones by Dr. Dre. More »


The Latest Studio Headphones from Beats by Dre – Music To Our Ears

If you value what goes on and into your ears (and you should), you will want to see what we think of the newly redesigned Studio headphones by Dr. Dre. They are lightweight, more durable and more comfortable than its predecessor. With a sexier and more sleek design, noise reduction technology, re-engineered sound quality and wireless capabilities, these headphones are quickly becoming the new audio authority.

beats_by_dre_studio_headphonesWith Beats’ improved Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC) capabilities music lovers can choose from one of two options. Users can wear the headphones and use ANC to reduce environmental noises while listening to music or use a stronger mode for muting everything else when music is not being played. The device has also been fitted with the Beats Acoustic Engine that offers a better and more balanced listening experience.

Dr. Dre’s latest release features a redesigned hard plastic shell making it both lighter and stronger than the previous version. It sports clean, curved and sleek lines, no visible screws and a more comfortable and adjustable headband. The earcups have also been softened and are more ergonomically fashioned for a more snug fit. When you are finished with the device it folds up and fits perfectly in its included carrying case. In addition, the device also comes with a straight cord that houses an Apple-friendly remote and microphone. While the remote will only work with Apple devices the microphone can be used alongside other brands.

AAA batteries were normally used for power but have been replaced with an integrated lithium ion battery that lasts up to 20 hours and can be recharged anywhere via a micro USB cord. In order to further save on power a nifty and completely automatized On/Off feature shuts down the product once it is unplugged or when the battery has run low. A fresh and much needed addition is the battery fuel gauge on the plastic housing: a small five-light LED display that shows how much charge is left. These earphones are available in three stylish colors: black, red and white.

The world knows the Beats by Dre brand as the leader in headphones, earbuds and other high quality and high performance audio devices. The newest and re-imagined Studio headphone has met and surpassed that hype.

ION IPA46 Karaoke Pro Rocks!

karaoke machineThe ION Audio IPA46 Karaoke Pro for iPad can be pointed out to be a Karaoke unit that helps turn your Ipad in to a karaoke machine where you will have the ability to enjoy more than a hundred of your preferred songs for a duration of a minimum of 12 hrs non-stop.

This gadget can be utilized when you download and install the Karaoke Application into your Ipad and this is quite simple as it was designed in an easy to use way.

The appeal of this karaoke item which is not like the various other Karaoke products is the reality that it lasts for around 12 hrs at a stretch and it could also be utilized as an instrument amplifier that is portable. It can additionally be used as a playback musical tool and its capability to accept points like guitar and MP3.

Yet another difference between this Karaoke device and other Karaoke devices is the durable means that it was constructed with timber and aluminium and certainly the existence of wheels and takes care of that are telescopic which makes mobility from one area to yet another very feasible and easy.


– There are one-of-a-kind features that are exclusive to this Karaoke system and the following are some of such unique or special components
– One of the attributes is the battery of the Karaoke System that is developed into the system and this permits the product to last for a duration of concerning 12 great hrs
– Another component of this item is the microphone that is of a very excellent quality. This microphone is created as though it can be utilized with all your Bluetooth gadgets
– It additionally includes a Karaoke presenter that is made specifically for usage with an iPad and this presenter comes in its total set
– It has an integrated cradle that permits your iPad to be held in a picture or garden alignment method
– has a modifiable reflect effect attribute that excels and could assist you with your expert singing
– The app download feature is developed to support the G + the MP3s track data and it is also made in such a way that it can be expanded to include various other kinds of song playlist.
– The last but not the least of the component that will be provided below is that it has a complimentary Application download that can be utilized for the Ipad hand held device which additionally has accessibility to at the very least a hundred of your preferred tracks and more.

Thinking of Unlocking That Shiny New iPhone?

Unlocking one’s iPhone is an excellent measure for people who want to get all the functionality they can out of this mobile device. To unlock an iPhone is not the same as jail-breaking it, which is an important distinction to remember. The exact process varies slightly from one iPhone model to the next, and owners need to keep this factor in mind prior to attempting this procedure.

To unlock the iPhone means to modify it so the phone will function with more than one cellular service carrier. When purchased from a cell phone company, an iPhone will only work with that one carrier, with one specific SIM card and only with the fixed service contract the buyer agrees to sign. A locked iPhone carries several disadvantages, notably very expensive international service charges if the owner wishes to use his or her iPhone while traveling abroad.


Overview of the iPhone 4 Unlocking

Unlocking this iPhone can be accomplished with one of two methods: using freeware to help with the needed code modification or purchasing an automated program for the same purpose. The freeware method is intended for those with coding knowledge, including application developers and programers. Those without the requisite knowledge of the iPhone’s inner workings are advised to purchase a guided unlocking program.


Basics of the iPhone 4s Unlocking

Getting this iPhone unlocked requires the assistance of a cell phone carrier that offers this service. After requesting the phone be unlocked, the owner then needs to back up all iPhone data. In some instances, the iPhone 4S operating system’s version needs to meet specific requirements to be eligible for unlocking, a process that can take about a week. Once the carrier has determined the iPhone can be unlocked, the next instructions include erasing current phone data, going through a guided set-up and then restoring the phone from the backup.


iPhone 5 Unlocking

These models are at a bit more of a challenge when it comes to unlocking them. However, the simplest and usually the least costly method is to seek out a cell carrier capable of unlocking an iPhone 5 with a unique ID number called a IMEI number. Most reputable carriers will perform a factory-grade unlocking service for a one-time upfront fee, which can vary somewhat from one carrier to the next.


Unlocking the iPhone gives the phone’s owner more freedom to pick and choose carriers. It also allows the use of more than one SIM card, which can save significant amounts in fees for frequent overseas travelers. An unlocked phone is not tied to one cell service carrier’s terms and conditions, so it can make owning one of these smartphones more economical for many purchasers in the long term.

DJI Phantom Quadcopter And GoPro Hero Actioncam

QuadcopterThe company DJI has recently released its new radio-controlled quadcopter model, the DJI Phantom.  It was officially launched in January of 2013 and has quickly become one of the most prominent quadcopter on the market.

When first receiving the DJI Phantom, some straightforward assembly work is required for its use.  The DJI website provides a number of instructional videos that serves to teach pilots how to assemble and work the Phantom.  Anyone looking to successfully fly the Phantom would also be well-advised to check out all of the instructional videos.

For people looking to use the Phantom for reconnaissance work, there is an available package to purchase that includes the GoPro HERO action-cam.  The phantom already comes equipped with an adjustable-angle mount specifically built for the GoPro camera.  When equipped, the GoPro camera is upside down; but, thankfully, there is the option to enable a video-flipping feature.

Once the Phantom is ready to fly, the control unit must be turned on first to avoid any complications.  Then the actual chopper must be turned on by installing its lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.  Once the system is booted up, the phantom will proceed to perform a self-diagnostic check.  The aircraft communicates with the pilot by flashing its LED light in a number of fashions.  It may take some time to distinguish between the disparate light-signals; but, once they have been memorized, they can serve as an integral part in the understanding of the Phantom.


Some errors that the Phantom might relay to the user include an inability to calibrate its compass, an inability to connect to the necessary amount of GPS satellites or even an inability to fly due to low temperatures.

In the air, the Phantom has extraordinary capabilities as a remote-controlled helicopter.  When traveling forward, the Phantom can reach approximately 32.8 ft/s.  Moreover, the response time of the Phantom is almost instantaneous, adding to its overall appeal.  Battery life can be contingent on a number of factors; but, on average, the battery will last for a duration of about 10+ minutes of flight time.

The usability of the Phantom is astounding in comparison to other remote-controlled quadcopters.  With its GPS capabilities, the Phantom has a number of modes which serve to simplify the entire flight experience.  For instance, the GPS attitude mode allows for the Phantom to hold a mid-air position while simultaneously taking into account gusts of wind.  This mode can also help the Phantom’s breaking ability by eliminating any unwanted inertia.

The most interesting feature is the Phantom’s enhanced fail-safe option.  When the chopper either loses contact with the controller or the controller’s batteries die, the chopper will automatically fly back to the exact point where it initially took off.

With all of these outstanding features, it is pretty easy to make a compelling case that the Phantom is one of the best remote-controlled helicopters on the market.